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יאיר גרבוז מחווה לסול לוויט.jpg
Nanopoetica night 
Alex Ben-Ari
Book Launch Event for the Second Hebrew Anthology of Conceptual Poetry

Wednesday  |  20.11  |  20:00 - 21:30 

Max Machines and Crafts

יאיר גרבוז מחווה לסול לוויט.jpg

A celebration of poetry and art in honor of the second Hebrew Anthology of Conceptual Poetry.  The program includes Waze and Tinder poetry, Ted Talk poetry, new stories by Shai Agnon, new Haiku poems by Basho, wordless poems, poems transformed into fruits, News-Site poetry, and Search History poetry, among others. As part of the event, we’ll celebrate the opening of a mini-exhibition of works from the anthology, with a panel of the artists. The exhibition is a tribute to Saul Levitt, the avant-garde conceptual artists, in which contemporary Israeli artists produce a pencil and paper version of one of his famous Wall Drawings.
The event will be held in Hebrew .

Nanopoetica night
How to See One Billion Images?
A conversation with Lev Manovich
Copy of שגרירות ארהב.jpg

Tuesday  |  19.11  |  20:30 - 22:00 

Max Machines and Crafts

The explosive growth of social media and cultural content on the web along with the digitization of historical cultural artifacts opened up exciting new possibilities to observe the unseen and to discover patterns and histories in the analysis of cultural trends. Manovich will present the ways he has been exploring the use of big data methods to study contemporary visual culture, in projects such as a comparison between 2.3 million Instagram images from 13 global cities (, an interactive installation exploring Broadway street in NYC using 30 million data points and images, an analysis of one million artworks from the largest network for “user-generated art” (, and visualization of one million pages from manga books. He will discuss the intersection of data science, media art, and design, and how using big cultural data helps us question our existing assumptions about culture.

See one billion Images
How to Legally Steal Strangers’ DNA?
Copy of שגרירות ארהב.jpg

Thursday |  21.11  |  19:30 - 20:30 

Max Machines and Crafts

A conversation with Heather Dewey-Hagborg
moderated by Mushon Zer-Aviv

In this conversation, Heather Dewey-Hagborg will present and discuss her biopolitical art practice including her series of works on  DNA, anonymity, and surveillance, most famous among them is Stranger Visions (2012-2014) - a series of portrait sculptures based on the analysis of DNA found in discarded objects, such as hair, cigarette butts, and chewed gum, as well as her latest work which examines the relationship between biohacking and intimacy and the biological roots of love.

How to Create Art With an Army of Bots?
A conversation with Constant Dullaart 
Moderated by Danielle Kaganov

In a time where everybody is their own brand, broadcasting on dedicated media like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, social capital becomes the commodity of an attention economy. How can we make artworks truly reflect on our changing cultures, while fake news, propaganda, and post-truth phenomena are hijacking the attention economy by using its own, baked-in capitalist structure? How can a mere artwork reflect this complex and heavily fluctuating landscape, and how can it manifest itself in an exhibition? Dullaart will discuss his practice and recent works in which he uses the notion of the start-up, bought social media followers reciting poetry, distributed images, bot armies, and encryption to highlight our contemporary materiality. 

לוגו גתה.jpg

Thursday |  21.11  |  20:30 - 21:30  

Max Machines and Crafts

How to Overcome Facial Recognition Technologies?
A conversation with Adam Harvey
Moderated by Liat Segal

Artist, researcher, and privacy activist, Adam Harvey, will share insights from his scientific research and artistic work dealing with facial recognition algorithms and discuss the implications that current computer vision technologies have on military, governmental, and commercial surveillance. This talk will incorporate his works CV Dazzle, in which he designed camouflage from face detection and his latest art and research project, MegaPixels, focusing on face recognition image datasets, and investigating their ethics, origins, and implications on individual privacy, as well as their role in the expansion of biometric surveillance technologies. Harvey will explore new ways of appearing and disappearing in a machine-readable world including strategies for blocking detection and imaging technologies, and tools for advanced visual-metadata analysis. 

Copy of שגרירות ארהב.jpg

Thursday  |  21.11  |  21:30 - 22:30 

Max Machines and Crafts

The Qualified Self - Things We Might Know About You
Betzalel Acadamy

A cluster of projects and short presentations inquiring about the ways we can learn and better understand ourselves and our society by means of data-driven technology that tracks and measures us. How can we deploy tech to improve our connection to ourselves? What kinds of interpretation can machines give to our behavior, memories and even to our dreams? How do progress and acceleration bring about new ways to rethink interpersonal communication, human empathy and life beyond Earth?

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Wednesday  |  20.11  |  22:00 - 23:30 

Max Machines and Crafts

the qualified self
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