Print Screen Video Call 2015
Print Screen Festival 2015: Call for Video Works
Deadline: April 15, 2015


About the video program:


The theme for 2015’s Print Screen festival is "Hypersensitive:" an examination of if and how digital technologies change our sensitivity toward one another and the world around us. Questions explored will include those ranging from the more literal -- What added senses does technology provide us, and what are their limitations? Does a technologically-heightened sensibility lead to added sensitivity? -- to the more theoretical: How does technology impact emotions? How does technology change our awareness toward the social injustices and global concerns?


This is the second year that Print Screen will explore this theme through a curated program of video works. In our first year we received over one-hundred and fifty submissions and exhibited the works of nineteen international artists.


Submissions must be works that are 10 minutes or under. Works will be selected according to their merit, complexity and depth of the concept. Works that touch on the following themes related to “Hypersensitive” will be especially considered:

  • Senses: Heightened, Modified, Manipulated.

  • The Transhuman and his emotional states

  • Sensitivity toward one another through the use of technology

  • Emotional computing and programming



To submit work:


Submissions may be made through the Print Screen Entry Form:, in English or Hebrew. A new entry form is required for each submission. Deadline for submission is April 15, 2015


Selection Notification: Early May 2015

Exhibition: May 27th-30th, 2015




Questions? Direct to or

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