coming Soon - Print Screen 2016

PICS: Lena Gomon, Nir Miretzky, Shim Gil

About Us

THE Team

This will be the sixth year of Print Screen, Israel's International Digital Culture Festival.


Just as the "PrintScreen" function captures a screenshot of a computer, so too does the festival capture a contemporary screenshot of life in the epoch of new media.

The festival draws together artists, technologists and digital culture researchers

for four days of programming at the Holon Cinematheque in Holon, Israel.


Print Screen includes a wide variety of films, contextual programming, interactive presentations, master classes with international artists, workshops, lectures and panel discussions.






Cinematheque Director: Roni Mahadav-Levin

Artistic Director: Lior Zalmanson

Producers: Michal Shashua, shiM gil

Program Manager, Cinematheque: Michal Lavi

Net Art and Special Programs Curator: Liat Berdugo 

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