האתר מעודכן לשנת 2016, אתר פסטיבל 2017 יעלה בחודש מאי 2017

The information below is relevant for 2016.

The website for Print Screen 2017 will be online in May 2017

Sarit Bensimhon-Peleg


Dr. Sarit Bensimhon-Peleg is a researcher and program director at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. She is the former academic director of the Harold Hartog School of Government and Policy at Tel Aviv University, and the Measurement and Evaluation Officer at Yad Hanadiv . She is one of the founding members of the Shaharit think tank.

Bensimhon-Peleg has a BA in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a PhD in political theory from St. Antony’s College, Oxford. In her work she focuses on the topics of Governance in 21st Century Democracy, Democratic Participation and modern political theories of Justice. She lives in Tel Aviv with her partner and two teenage girls.

Carmel Weisman


Associate lecturer in the multidisciplinary program in the Humanities and the Cohen Institute for The History and Philosophy of Sciences and Ideas
at Tel Aviv University, researching digital cultures and posthumanism. Co-founder conferences.

Gabriel S Moses


Gabriel S Moses, 1982, Jerusalem, is a Berlin based media artist with a Masters degree (UdK Berlin) and a millennial complex. In other words: he knows how to lie about why he lied about what ur kids are saying about u behind ur backs on the smartphone u bought them. In 2014, his project Enhancement won 1st prize at the conference ‘The Anthropocene Project. A report’ at HKW, Berlin. He has also showcased in Transmediale (Berlin), Lenbachhaus (Munich), the Athens Biennale and FILE festival (Sao Paulo).

Maya Magnat


Maya Magnat is a theater director and performance artist. She has a B.Ed. in theater directing and  M.F.A in Performance Research: Theory and Practice from the University of Tel Aviv and she is also a sex educator. Her works deal with mediated intimacy, digital performance, woman and technology and interactive art.

Tomer Blushinsky


Game developer since 2011, based in Tel Aviv. Developing industry level mobile games and part of the videogame band Pivot.
Frequent collaborator and presenter in the video game development industry in Israel, big fan of game jams and community development events.
Enjoys delving into mechanics of interaction between people and software to create intriguing videogame and software experiences.
Studied Computer Science in the Interdisciplinary center with an emphasis on graphical programming while professionally working on communication devices. Collaborator of the Print Screen Festival Games Program since 2013.

Ziv Schneider


Artist and designer based in NY. Her work is at the intersection of documentary, video games and volumetric photography and combines various design practices to explore how new technologies enrich narratives with spatialization and interaction. She holds a masters from NYU's ITP program ('15), where she now teaches interactive non fiction. Since creating The Museum of Stolen Art in 2014, she's been working primarily in virtual reality and created several other museum experiences, including the first virtual reality experience released by the Economist RecoVR:Mosul, a virtual tour of the reconstructed Mosul Museum in Iraq.

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