Adam Etzion


Adam Etzion is a literature and Narratology geek. He writes narratives - both textual and visual - and carries out literary research. He is fascinated by temporality, Posthumanism and the intersection of science, technology and culture.

Alon Kaplan


Alon is a music producer for JoyTunes and manages a sound production business which mainly focuses on video games, film and theater productions. In addition, he is a lecturer on sound design for a few of the game design programs in Israel. Alon has been working on more than 50 shipped games, mostly in the indie, PC and mobile space, and has been invited to speak at conferences around the globe.
He's last major project was composing the music for the successful Irish dance show 'Mystery of the Dance'.

Amir Yatziv


Amir Yatziv is a video and instalation artist. he is interseted in past naratives and thier contemporary interpetation . In his work he create a sense of estrangement, revealing the impossibility of a single coherent historical truth. Amir is a graduate of Bezalel academy of art (2008). His works was shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions including: Tate Modern - UK, KW Berlin - Germany, Van Abbemuseum - Nederlands and more.

Ana Laura Cantera


Ana Laura Cantera has a Master degree in Electronic Arts at UNTREF (National University of Tres de Febrero), a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and another degree as Art Teacher at UNA (National University of Arts). She researches bacteria and fungi communication through digital information in artistic projects and she is one of the foundress of Biohacking-BA, where she studies and works with the intersection between arts and science. She has exhibited her artworks in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, and Spain and has been selected to be part of some residences as Interactivos16, of Medialab-Prado, in Madrid.

Ayelet Albenda


Ayelet Albenda is a graduate of the Meister program at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and studied film at the Tel Aviv University. Winner of the 2012 Matanel Young Artist Award. Albenda researches teenage self representation on the internet through film and video art for years. This is her first feature documentary.

Ariel Tsovel


Has a two-decade experience in studying human-animal relations with a focus on industrial exploitation of animals. Aspires to express in social terms phenomena which are commonly considered as biological or technological, hence uses familiar methods of philosophy, history, cultural studies, etc. to examine sources from zoology, agriculture and the like. Such subjects appear in his MA thesis, PhD dissertation and some scholarly papers, as well as hundreds of popular papers. He is currently concluding a book titled 'How Should We Think about Animals?'

Avi Milgrom


Avi Milgrom is an Israeli artist based in Tel Aviv. He received his BA in Literature and Communication from Ben Gurion University and holds an MFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts. He is a lecturer in Bezalel and Seminar Ha-Kibutizim teaching Digital Art.

Ben Myres

South Africa

Ben Myres is a South African game designer, curator, and digital artist. He is the co-founder of South African game development studio, Nyamakop; programme manager of A MAZE. / Johannesburg; and co-organiser of [Resting] Glitch Face, a Johannesburg experimental games party. One day he'll break the Top 100 in a Ludum Dare, or just follow his dream to be an investment banker.

Brian Schrank


Brian Schrank, is chair of the game design programs at DePaul University in Chicago who develops award-winning games on emerging platforms such as AR and VR. His MIT Press book "Avant-garde Videogames: Playing with Technoculture" places games within the context of art history and the avant-garde. Schrank regularly speaks/exhibits/juries shows internationally at GDC, IGF, IndieCade, A MAZE, DiGRA, SIGGRAPH, ISMAR, Chicago Design Museum, and other venues. He earned his Ph.D. in digital media and videogames from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he researched and developed experimental, cutting-edge games and toys for Motorola, Qualcomm and Cartoon Network.

Carmel Weisman


Associate lecturer in the multidisciplinary program in the Humanities and the Cohen Institute for The History and Philosophy of Sciences and Ideas
at Tel Aviv University, researching digital cultures and posthumanism. Co-founder conferences.

Cara Francis


Cara Francis is a writer, performer, video artist and New York Neo-Futurist. Her installation work includes "Stand" (Brooklyn Museum, IPA), "Remote" (Trouw, Amsterdam, NE, New Museum, New York for AUNTSisdance, First Person View, The Knockdown Center). Other performance work has been seen at PS122, Dixon Place, Ars Nova, Bushwick Starr, Catch, Ontological-Hysteric/Incubator Arts). Press includes Village Voice, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Vice's MOTHERBOARD and Bedford+Bowery. "Happy To See You" has been previously developed at CPR's Special Effects and Dixon Place. It will be produced in NYC by the New York Neo-Futurists in late 2017.

Cukia "Sugar" Kimani

South Africa

Cukia "Sugar" Kimani was born in Kenya but has lived all over Africa. He's best know for his game, Boxer. Boxer won the inaugural A MAZE. / Johannesburg Award in 2015. Since then Cukia co-founded Nyamakop with Ben Myres. Nyamakop is an independent game development studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nyamakop is set to release their debut title, Semblance in 2017. He is responsible for the technical and business aspects of Nyamakop. He is also a public speaker having spoken at various events around the world including A MAZE. / Berlin, Respawn and GDC.

Daniel Metcalfe


Daniel is a designer and researcher who focuses on relationship between wild animals and man-made systems. His PhD from the university of the arts in London has addressed design processes for shared landscapes that responds to the needs of both human and nonhuman species.These days, Daniel is working on several projects in the fields of conservation, landscape planning, and nature accessibility. Daniel teaches a course on design for wild animals at the Technion, Israel.

Denisa Kera

Czech Republic \ Israel

Denisa Kera is a philosopher and designer experimenting with open hardware and blockchain technologies for open and citizen science projects. Before joining ASU as a Visiting Assistant Professor, she spent the last decade working in Southeast Asia with various makers, hacker and “science artisans”. She is originally from Prague, but lives in Tel Aviv and describes herself as a nomad with a cause, which is to support science in the Global South.

Dror Bren


Dror is a product manager and designer at Neura, an AI-service startup.
He's an experienced Product and design manager with 10+ years experience with various startups. When he's not busy charting charts or sketching sketches he spends time traveling, photographing, cycling and trying hard to improve his yoga poses. He's also currently working on a few independent game and art projects with the video-game band 'Pivot'.

Elad Weingrod


.A children books writer, script writer, content & Digital media manager

.Age – 43, Lives in Moshav Bet Herut with his spouse and 2 children

Elana Gomel


Elana Gomel is an Associate Professor at the Department of English and American Studies at Tel-Aviv University. She has taught and researched at Princeton, Stanford, University of Hong Kong, and Venice International University. She is the author of six books and numerous articles on subjects such as narrative theory, posthumanism, science fiction, Dickens, and Victorian culture. Her latest books are Narrative Space and Time: Representing Impossible Topologies in Literature (Routledge 2014) and Science Fiction, Alien Encounters, and the Ethics of Posthumanism: Beyond the Golden Rule (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2014). As a fiction writer, she has published more than thirty fantasy and science fiction stories Her fantasy novel A Tale of Three Cities was published by Dark Quest Books in 2013.

Einat Ramon


Einat Ramon is a senior lecturer in Jewish thought and Jewish Women’s Studies at Schechter and one of the founders of professional spiritual care in Israel. In 2012 she founded the Marpeh program – the only academic program for the training of spiritual caregivers in the context of pluralistic Jewish studies, where she teaches and supervises chaplaincy students and Israeli pastoral education supervisors-in-training. Dr. Ramon writes academic and popular books and articles about contemporary Hassidic spirituality, Zionist and North American Jewish thought, and modern Jewish women’s theology and ethics— particularly concerning family  and bioethical issues. She received her doctorate in Religious Studies from Stanford University and is a third generation native Jerusalemite

Eran Fisher


Dr. Eran Fisher is a seniot Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication at The Open University. He is interested in Critical Social Theory, technology, and capitalism. His published the book "Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age: The Spirit of Networks";(Palgrave) which explores the ideological tranformations involved in the rise of contemporary techno-capitalism as well as Internet and Emotions (2014, Edited with Tova Benski).

Eran Hilleli


Eran Hilleli is an animation director currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His works include short films, music videos and variable interactive pieces. Fascinated by simple shapes and lands that don't exist Eran’s work allows plenty of room for interpretation. Eran is currently represented by Hornet, the NYC based animation production company. His works have been screened in festivals around the world and received numerous awards.

Eyal Fried


Eyal is an Interaction Designer and Cognitive Researcher specializing in design of future products and services within the Biotechnology domain.

He is Co-Founder of Acclair Neurocapital, a research agency that explores the everyday use of neuro- information.

Eyal turned to the studies of Psychology and Communication, and after completing his MSc in Information Sciences at Rutgers University, worked as a UX designer in New York and Tel Aviv. While earning a Master's degree in Interaction Design from the Interaction Design Institute (IDII) in Ivrea, Italy, he dove deep into the intersection of Neuroscience, media technology and design, a "holly triangle" he practices to this day.

He is directing the Design&Technology Master's program at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design.

He is also the co-founder of Bee3ee, a company revolutionizing the reading experience for Dyslexic people, and a stealth venture based on the Acclair model.

Gabriel S Moses


Gabriel S Moses, 1982, Jerusalem, is a Berlin based media artist with a Masters degree (UdK Berlin) and a millennial complex. In other words: he knows how to lie about why he lied about what ur kids are saying about u behind ur backs on the smartphone u bought them. In 2014, his project Enhancement won 1st prize at the conference ‘The Anthropocene Project. A report’ at HKW, Berlin. He has also showcased in Transmediale (Berlin), Lenbachhaus (Munich), the Athens Biennale and FILE festival (Sao Paulo).

Gal Nissim

U.S.A \ Israel

Gal Nissim is a New York based multidisciplinary ScienArtist, that creates in the intersection of art, science, and technology. She holds a B.S. (Summa Cum Laude) in cognitive science and biology in the Special Honors Program from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MPS from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.
She was awarded the Culture & Animals Foundation grant  for 2017. Her work was shown at New-York-Hall-of-Science, NYC-Media-Lab and Concordia (Netherlands) as well as a developers conference in Berlin.
In her work, Gal explores the twilight zone: the in-between of fiction and reality, beauty and ugliness, attraction and disgust, art and science.

Giori Politi


Giori Politi is a musician and sound designer. Performs with leading Israeli musical groups as a percussionist, composes soundtracks for animation and games, and creates cross-media installations. Giori is a member of Lo-Fi People, an art & technology collective based in Tel Aviv.

Gali Blay

Israel \ Netherlands

I was born in New York in 1986, raised in Israel and currently based in the Netherlands. I received a BFA degree from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, and a Master’s degree (cum laude) in Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
My artistic practice emerges from the medium of photography, which exists in the space between fiction and reality. I research this in-between world created by images and design my scenarios to it. I use storytelling in design in order to tackle complicated political structures, and investigate how their power influences different narratives developing in the society.

Gali Grinspan


Gali Grinspan is a multi-disciplinary artist, currently residing and working in Givataim, Israel. Graduate (honors) of the MFA program at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, and of the BFA (honors) of the ceramics and glass department at Bezelel Academy. Faculty member at the orthodox department of Bezalel Academy and at  Hacubia Jerusalem. Her work is exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world. She is a member of the magazine °1280 for culture and craft. In her work Grinspan searches for instances of reconciliation between the real and the imagined and between the concrete and the virtual. In these instances, the artistic act, the mundane and mental space mix together to create grammar of simultaneous and parallel logics.

Hava Lehaba


Hava Lehaba ("Let Us From Now On") is a Transhumanist-Metamodernist contemporary poetry magazine, dedicated to getting the hell off this planet, this life, this universe entirely.

Henrike Lode


Henrike Lode is CEO and Creative Director of the Copenhagen-based game studio Lohika. With her team she developed and self-published the award-winning puzzle adventure Machineers. She received her M.Sc. in Game Design from the IT University of Copenhagen in 2012, and is teaching ‘Game Design with a Purpose’ at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Henrike is a passionate game jammer and co-organizer of the Nordic Game Jam.

Itay Laniado


Itay Laniado (1981) is a graduate of the masters program for design and technology in Bezalel academy of arts and design, Jerusalem.

Itay's work explores simplicity in form and manufacturing technique, and the meeting points between design, culture and technology.

Ido Adler


Ido is a professional game developer and game designer since 2003, he studied Computer Science in the Hebrew University and Game Design in Hasifa School.
He see game maker's responsibility to challenge their audience with careful exploration of sensitive subjects. He borrow in his work from the performance art field and it's tools for creating relationship with the audience.
His projects mostly consists of experimental games, games for impact and puzzle mechanics. Between those are the games: Princessize, Escape The Bus, Ensō - Puzzle Game and Ode to the Dead Sea.

Jae Rhim Lee


Founder and CEO, Coeio. Stanford design School Fellow. TED Fellow. Entrepreneur, transdisciplinary artist, and designer. Insight cultivator. Idea generator. Strategist. Cultural provocateur.

Jasmin Vardi


Jasmin Vardi (b.1989) lives and works in Tel Aviv. She holds a BFA (graduated in 2015, summa cum laude) from Shenkar Institute, in the Department of Multidisciplinary Art.
In 2014 she participated in the student exchange program at the UdK in Berlin.
Her videos and installations take place in ambiguous and unidentified territories, using references to technology to examine situations of trauma, power relations, desires and their intersection.
Jasmin is a winner of NFCT, Print Screen Festival and Feature Forward Grant (2017), Special Projects Grant for the Arts from the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation (2016), President of Shenkar College Prize (2014), Dean’s Prize for Distinction (2013 and 2012).

Julijonas Urbonas


Julijonas Urbonas is an artist, designer, researcher, engineer, lecturer, Vice-Rector for Art at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since childhood, he has been working within the field of amusement park development, which has also been at the core of his creative life, from artistic work to scholarly studies. Most recently this interest has matured into his PhD research under the topic of Gravitational Aesthetics at the Royal College of Art, London. His work has been exhibited internationally and received many awards, including the Award of Distinction in Interactive Art, Prix Ars Electronica 2010, one the most prestigious awards in media arts. His projects can be found in private and museum collections such as the permanent collection of the Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM).

Katharina Unger


Katharina Unger is a thought leader in the space of design for sustainability, food and agricultural innovation. She has worked as a design advisor and consultant in agencies and for her own clients in London, Hong Kong, Vienna, across the USA and Africa.

She founded Livin Studio and Livin Farms, companies leading in the field of edible insects and novel food innovations. Katharina inspires with storytelling supported by strong visuals and unique ideas.

She is an Alumna of the US Fulbright Program and studied Industrial Design and Design for Social Impact both in Europe and the US. For her work, she received the RedDot Design Award, the Braun Prize Sustainability Award, the Bio Art and Design Award (NL), the Core 77 International Design Award, as well as numerous other awards, fellowships and stipends.

Katharina speaks on

Insects for Food and Feed - Sustainability and Design - Food & Ag Innovation - Agricultural Design - Entrepreneurship - Design - Bio Design - Food Design - Women in Design and Entrepreneurship.

Kristin Lucas


A multidisciplinary artist. Kristin reinvents the familiar in uncanny circuitous works that lie somewhere between reality and “reality”. Her work is represented by Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) and Postmasters Gallery in New York, and And/Or Gallery in Los Angeles. She serves as faculty for the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin and is the recent recipient of artist residencies at Oregon Story Board (Portland), Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center (New York), Print Screen Festival and Yafo Creative (Tel Aviv), and Bau Institute at Carmago Foundation (Cassis).

Krzysztof "Dalton" Pachulski


Game developer from Poland, currently working at the game company called MythicOwl.
Dalton is also a tech-artist, who mainly focuses on shaders — he has made a shader-only game which can be viewed here:
Dalton is one of the leaders of the biggest Polish students’ game dev society called KNTG Polygon and one of the organizers of PolyJam (our GGJ site) and Slavic Game Jam.

Laurent Mignonneau


Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer are internationally renowned media artist, researcher and pioneers of interactive art. After working, researching and teaching in the US and Japan for 10 years, they set up the department for Interface Cultures at the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria, where they are both professors. Sommerer and Mignonneau previously held positions as Professors at the IAMAS International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences in Gifu, Japan and as Researchers and Artistic Directors at the ATR Media Integration and Communications Research Lab in Kyoto Japan. Together Sommerer and Mignonneau created around 40 interactive artworks and exhibited at more than 300 exhibitions worldwide.

Leslie Ruckman


Leslie Ruckman is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary designer and technologist. She holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MPS from NYU’s Interactive Technologies Program.
Her work acknowledges the many challenges facing humanity at the moment and focuses on asking the right questions as a means to spark imagination in others about possible solutions and alternative futures. Her projects have been shown at NYU and Harvard.

Liat Segal


A new media artist, fusing art and technology. Segal harnesses data, software, electronics and mechanics to build installations and machines, connecting the physical world with virtual ones. Coming from a scientific and technological background, Segal observes inconsistencies and dissonances rising as personal lives meet technological environments and questions issues such as intimacy vs. alienation, privacy, exposure, identity, memory & originality.

Segal's recent works were exhibited at the Israel Museum Jerusalem, Bundeskunst halle, Bonn, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, National American Jewish History Museum Philadelphia, Herzliya Museum, Hansen House Jerusalem, the Amsterdam Light Festival, and others.

Maya Magnat


Maya Magnat is a theater director and performance artist. She has a B.Ed. in theater directing and  M.F.A in Performance Research: Theory and Practice from the University of Tel Aviv and she is also a sex educator. Her works deal with mediated intimacy, digital performance, woman and technology and interactive art.

Marek Svoboda

Czech Republic

Marek is the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Alaverdi - the wickedest Lithuanian mantracore band from Prague. Their current fourth album is aptly titled In Fermentation, sold on beech chopping boards, and the band has recently launched their own brand of perfume called Aromaverdi (the Smell of Yoga). Marek is a compostist and fermenter and has coauthored other strange workshops such as experimental incantation of bread leaven. He formerly worked as director of human rights at the Czech NGO People in Need and currently is the director of programs at the Prague-based CEELI Institute, focused on advancing the rule of law. 

Moreno Perna


Moreno Perna is a performer based in Amsterdam. He studied at the Amsterdam University of the Arts where he graduated in MTD (Moderne Theater Dans). Since 2014, he has been working for Troubleyn / Jan Fabre. He is part of the cast of Jan Fabre`s pieces “Mount Olympus – To Glorify the Cult of Tragedy” and “The Power of Theatrical Madness”. Recently, he has been working on the creation of his new piece “Lana del Rey Changed” for Intimadance Festival and his performance "XYX", which will premiere in Antwerp in September and in Amsterdam in October.

Naama Zarfaty


Naama Zarfaty is Tel Aviv based animation director and Independent filmmaker. After she graduated from Bezalel academy in Jerusalem, Naama spend a summer Internship in La Mama Umbria in Italy, practicing experimental art, performance and theater. Recently Naama opened her own studio in Downtown Tel Aviv and created short animations for clients, companies and as part of artistic collaborations.

Noa Manheim


Noa Manheim, born in 1974, is a critic, editor and essayist.
Head of the Hebrew literature department published by "Kinneret, Zmora,
Dvir" and columnist in Haaretz Magazine on the evolution of popular

Noam Attias


Noam combines her acquired knowledge of industrial design and biotechnology as well as her experience as urban landscape and biosphere travel guide, in order to develop applications for sustainable bio-systems in design and architecture. These days, she’s pursuing a PhD in the Technion in collaboration with the mycelium lab. She is researching new possibilities of using mycelium substrate that is grown on waste as a substitute for synthetic materials.

Nimrod Kozlovski


Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski, Venture Partner, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) Labs, & Partner and head of Tech Regulation, HFN. Co-founder of two start-ups, Nimrod also co-launched the Information Security and Cyber Security program as part of the MBA in Information Technologies in Tel Aviv University and teach classes on Cyber Security, Big Data, Innovation and Internet Law.  He received his doctor degree in law (JD) from Yale Law School and conducted his Post-Doc research in computer science on proactive security at Yale School of Computer Sciences. He has written books and articles on Internet Law, Cyber Crime and Digital Law Enforcement and Copyright Law. 

Nina Limarev


Nina Limarev is an illustrator and game artist.

She studied visual communication & illustration at the "Shenkar College of Engineering and Design" in Ramat Gan. She worked at the art department of "Gravity" (a post production studio in Tel Aviv) and later as a freelance illustrator in Europe.

Currently, Nina is a game artist. She produced art for various projects: from the Indie “Runaway Toad” to the award winning educational game “Feed the Monster”.

Nurit Bar-Shai


Nurit Bar-Shai is an interdisciplinary artist who works at the intersection of art, science and technology. She is the co-founder of Genspace NYC, community biotech lab in Brooklyn, NY, ranked by Fast Company among the top 10 most innovative education companies. As an activist and educator working with biological systems, she conducts experiments through creative collaborative inquiries and addresses the ethics and the emerging practices of Do-It-Yourself Biology and citizen-science. As Genspace she developed content for educational, cultural and outreach programs creating solutions to bridge art and science. Her research and artistic practice looks into microbial social networks and communication systems, collective collaboration, emergence, Soft-Genetic Modification and BioMaterial fabrication. 

Bar-Shai is a contributor to the Leonardo ebook: Meta-Life: Biotechnologies, Synthetic Biology, ALife and the Arts. She is the co-curator of the BioArt exhibition Cut/Paste/Grow, the co-organizer of Nodes & Networks. Her work is featured in the MoMA book BioDesign: Nature, Science, Creativity. Her artwork was commissioned by, won a Prix Ars Electronica and included in the collection of the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art at Cornel University. Recently Bar-Shai held an Artist In Residence at Epibone, a bioengineering NYC startup that grows bone tissue for skeletal reconstruction.

Nivi Alroy


Nivi Alroy received her BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Alroy received the Ahuvi Most Promising artist award, the Frida E. Issiccoff alumni award, the Mifal Hapais grant, the Rabinovich grant, Tel Aviv special projects grant and Two Trees studio grant. Alroy took part in the Triangle workshop and the A.IR gallery residency programs in New York. She has exhibited her work internationally and created sites such as an industrial pool at the Galapagos art space and an 19th Century Textile factory in Philadelphia. In addition to her studio practice, Alroy teaches Fine Arts to adults and children and consults to art Fellowship program.

Oded carmeli


Poet, editor of Hava Lehaba poetry magazine and the Tel Aviv Poetry Festival, science journalist and astronaut wannabe.

Ori Elisar


Ori is A Jaffa based researcher and designer. A Visual Communication graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, researching linguistics and typography, and their respective evolution.

He chose to represent a hypothetical process in which the ancient Hebrew alphabet would be transformed into modern Hebrew font using the Paenibacillus vortex bacteria. His Living Language Project recently received a Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club in New York and the Excellence Award in the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival.

Paulius Vaitiekunas


Paulius Vaitiekunas is a practicing architect from Lithuania. Regularly involved in the art field as a participant or an organiser. Member of the independent collective 3am, its founder and creator, who focuses on site-specific art. Collaborator of Zooetic's project.

Pei-Ying Lin

Slovenia / Taiwan

Pei-Ying Lin (TW), born in 1986, is an artist / designer with an MA in design interactions, Royal College of Art, and a BSc in life science, minor in computer science and cultural studies from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. Her main focus is on the combination of science and human society through artistic methods, and is particularly interested in building a common discussion ground for different cultural perspective regarding elements that constructs our individual perception of the world.

Robert B. Lisek


Robert B. LISEK is an artist, mathematician and composer who focuses on systems and processes (computational, biological, social). He is involved in the number of projects focused on radical art strategies, hacktivism and tactical media. Drawing upon conceptual art, software art and meta-media, his work intentionally defies categorization. Lisek is a pioneer of art based on AI and bioinformatics.

Ronnie Karfiol


Ronnie Karfiol is a media artist currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Multidisciplinary Arts. Treating the internet as her studio, her work explores the effect the internet and other new technologies have on societies that evolve online. For this reason she seeks to engage animation, 3D prints and interactive sensors, so to investigate these technologies from a close up.

Karfiol's work has been featured at the DocAviv festival (IL), the European Media Art Festival (DE), Currents New Media Festival (US), as well as at the CCA Tel Aviv, SPEKTRUM Berlin, among others.

Rupert Huber


Rupert Huber studied composition in Vienna. He is an alumnus of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin residency (1997), was a member of the jury of the Prix Ars Electronica (2007, 2009) and nominated for the World Technology Award in 2010.

His music activities range from commissioned compositions (Wiener Festwochen, Centre Pompidou, Ars Electronica Festival) to film soundtracks (Food Design, Freud’s Lost Neighbors: Berggasse 19), TV (C.S.I. Miami, Sex and the City), radio (ORF, Deutschlandradio) and beyond.

He has been collaborating with AGF, Chris Eckman, Sam Auinger, Alvin Curran, Robert Adrian x, Horst Hörtner, Garbiel Orozco, among many others.

Sarit Bensimhon-Peleg


Dr. Sarit Bensimhon-Peleg is a researcher and program director at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. She is the former academic director of the Harold Hartog School of Government and Policy at Tel Aviv University, and the Measurement and Evaluation Officer at Yad Hanadiv . She is one of the founding members of the Shaharit think tank.

Bensimhon-Peleg has a BA in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a PhD in political theory from St. Antony’s College, Oxford. In her work she focuses on the topics of Governance in 21st Century Democracy, Democratic Participation and modern political theories of Justice. She lives in Tel Aviv with her partner and two teenage girls.

Shachar Freddy Kislev


S.F.Kislev is an artist and filmmaker. His work, in a variety of media, maintains a specific tone and a certain kind of levity. He often works with moisture. His work has been exhibited widely in museums in Israel and abroad, and has been awarded several awards. Alongside his artistic endeavours he is also a scholar in the history of philosophy, and teaches at various academies throughout Israel. 

Shiri Blumenthal


Shiri is a concept art and a 3D artist, creator of virtual reality games and independent games, with a rich background in the visual arts. Graduated the Game Development and Design program in Shenkar and the MIT-Shenkar workshop.
Blumenthal has done video and graffiti art and showcased in festivals and exhibitions around the world.
For more then 10 years she is working in the animation and post-production industry as a general artist in: 3D, art and after effects, as well as teaching 3D art classes in Shenkar.

Špela Petrič


Špela Petrič, BSc, MA, PhD, is a Slovenian new media artist and former scientific researcher currently based between Ljubljana, SI and Amsterdam, NL. Her practice is a multi-species collaborative endeavor, a deviant composite which of natural sciences, wet media and performance. She tries to envision artistic experiments that enact strange relationalities in hopes of enriching our adjacent possible. Much of her recent work has focused on plant life.

Sophie Zaaijer


Dr. Sophie Zaaijer is a Post-doctoral Researcher in Dr. Yaniv Erlich’s lab at the New York Genome Center and Columbia University. Sophie’s main interests are focussed on genome technologies in addition to exploring the growing impact of genomics on our daily lives. Her research focuses on the development of an ultra-rapid person re-identification method using the portable DNA sequencer: the MinION. She is also co-founder of PlayDNA, together with Dr. Yaniv Erlich. PlayDNA is an EdTech startup in hands-on data science and genomics education. She is starting the Cornell Tech Runway program in fall 2017 as a post-doc entrepreneur.

Stav Goldstein


Stav Goldstein is a game designer and artist.
She is a graduate of the Game Design and Development Program in Hamidrasha, Beit Berl, and holds a B.A. in literature and creative writing from Tel Aviv University. 
Since graduating, she has been working as a game artist and teaching at the Video Game Design program at Mentor School.
In 2015 She founded Fireberry Studio and since then released two chapters of their first title - The Splitting - an episodic mystery adventure game for PC. The 3rd chapter is currently in the works.

Tal Goldberg


Tal Goldberg is a Screenwriter, Director and Game Designer. Goldberg Co-created the award winning feature film "OMG, I'm a Robot!", wrote and produced the Graphic Novel "My Ghost Mom" and is the Game designer of the Casual video game "Yodel Climbers". These day he is writing a screenplay for his new feature film while writing screenplays for TV shows, video games and commercials and   teaching screenwriting at "Shenkar" college.

Tomer Blushinsky


Game developer since 2011, based in Tel Aviv. Developing industry level mobile games and part of the videogame band Pivot.
Frequent collaborator and presenter in the video game development industry in Israel, big fan of game jams and community development events.
Enjoys delving into mechanics of interaction between people and software to create intriguing videogame and software experiences.
Studied Computer Science in the Interdisciplinary center with an emphasis on graphical programming while professionally working on communication devices. Collaborator of the Print Screen Festival Games Program since 2013.

Uri Aviv


Uri Aviv is a cultural entrepreneur, artistic consultant, project manager and Science fiction evangelist.
Aviv is the founder and general director of the Utopia Association and its namesake festival, the Tel-Aviv International festival of science fiction and fantastic film, and its program of Science, Imagination and Future Visions events.
Outside of Utopia, Aviv is Promethean, providing artistic direction and consultancy, content editing and production to projects, events and organizations intertwining science, culture, technology, philosophy, futurism and geek culture in general.

Vojta Kalina

Czech Republic

Vojta is a non-traditional bagpiper. His bagpiping career started in purpose for his own punkrock band Pipes and Pints which is a wild act touring intensely Europe stages in last 10 years. He is using his bagpipes rather as a second guitar or backup for vocals, than usual folky sounds of bands that are using this ancient instrument. Occasionally he is co-staring with local DJs creating new sounds and other interesting or weird projects. He is joining the Microbphone project for this special occasion to push the limits of fermented disco sounds forward.

Viktorija Šiaulytė


Viktorija Šiaulytė is an independent curator and producer working within the fields of contemporary art, architecture and film. Since 2013 she is researcher and coordinator for the project Zooetics, organized by Jutempus Interdisciplinary Art Program in Vilnius, Lithuania. She is ongoing collaborator with Architecture Fund in Vilnius, Lithuania, co-editing its publication series “Architecture [Publication] Fund”. Together with filmmakers Marta Dauliute and Elisabeth Marjanovic’ Cronval she cofounded Last Project, a platform for new ways of working with audience engagement through long term collaborative productions.

Yair Reshef


Yair Reshef is an art technologist by trade, supplier and fabricator of rare and made to order hardware and software –electronics, optics, robotics, and other curiosities. He is currently working on TAMI attiny, a cheap(est) dev board at Tel Aviv Makerspace. He also has a studio at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Yochai Ataria


​Yochai Ataria is Senior Lecturer at Tel-Hai College, Israel, and Researcher at the Open University of Israel. He has published a number of theoretical, empirical, and philosophical articles on the topic of trauma, and has co-edited several books.

Yotam Rozin


Yotam Rozin is an artist and freelance animator and a recent graduate of the Honors Program in Arts and Humanities at Tel Aviv University. Yotam has been professionally animating since 2008, and has worked with several studios in Tel Aviv, including Gravity Post Production, with customers both in Israel and abroad, such as the European Union, LG, the Israeli American Council, activist duo The Yes Men and more. Since 2013, Yotam’s artwork has been exhibited and presented in festivals and galleries both in Israel and abroad, including Festival de Cannes 2016 with his indie VR experience Home.

Ziv Schneider


Artist and designer based in NY. Her work is at the intersection of documentary, video games and volumetric photography and combines various design practices to explore how new technologies enrich narratives with spatialization and interaction. She holds a masters from NYU's ITP program ('15), where she now teaches interactive non fiction. Since creating The Museum of Stolen Art in 2014, she's been working primarily in virtual reality and created several other museum experiences, including the first virtual reality experience released by the Economist RecoVR:Mosul, a virtual tour of the reconstructed Mosul Museum in Iraq.

Zohar Gotesman


Zohar Gotesman (1979, in Israel) is a sculptor, based in Tel Aviv. He is a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and beforehand graduated at the Archeology department in Ben-Gurion university. in 2011-12 he spent a year in Carrara, Italy where he studied treditional marble carving.

Zohar exhibited in well-known museums and galleries.

His sculptures are in many collection in Israel and around the world. 

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