המופעים יוקלטו וישודרו בהמשך ב׳רדיו חלאס׳,
תחנת הרדיו האינטרנטית של המרכז הישראלי לאמנות דיגיטלית
רדיו חלאס.jpg


Control Freak 
Kulu Or

Tuesday  |  19.11  |  20:30 - 21:30, 22:30 - 23:30

Main Hall

Control Freak is a solo performance fusing together circus arts, music, and state of the art technology. A funny and touching character interacts with the audience in awkward and amusing ways, as he struggles with social ineptitude and with the complex systems on stage. At the heart of the show is a live performance of timeless compositions, in rich musical arrangements that use feet-controlled loop stations: From Bach, Beethoven and Pachelbel to Nina Simone, The Beatles and beyond. The singular musical instruments featured in the show were developed especially over the last 19 years, and are used in conjunction with wearable computers and digital props to control numerous fixtures on and off-stage. 

User Not Found
Dante or Die & Chris Goode

Created by Daphna Attias & Terry O'Donovan

Directed by Daphna Attias

Written by Chris Goode

Performed by Andy McLeod'

Wednesday  |  20.11  |  19:30 - 21:00,  22:00 - 23:30 

Thursday  | 21.11  | 19:30 - 21:00,  22:00 - 23:30

Winner of the Broadway World Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2018: Favorite Theatre Show award  If you could use a magic button at the moment of your death, would you choose to delete your online history or keep it? User Not Found is performed in cafés all over the world and explores the public/private divide of screen technology. The show explores the ethics of digital ownership as well as privacy, grief, and the privacy of grief and uses a special app that was conceived for the show. Each audience member will receive a smartphone & headphones to be a “fly on the wall” and witness a story of love, loss, and online legacy.

Main Hall

To Leonard Woolf
Moran Duvshani

A solitary performance about two ships in a yard of sand 

1200px-Mifaal_hapais_2018.svg copy.png

Tuesday-Thursday |  19-21.11 | 23:00-23:30

Between the Shelters

1. “I don't think two people could have been happier than we have been.” Virginia Woolf writes to her husband. She puts rocks in her coat pockets and walks into the water. Two writers are separated forever.
2. Two bomb-shelters are stuck in the sand like ships, stopped for a moment at high seas before each continues on its separate way. At the heart of the concrete lies the invisible landscape.
3. A lone performer tries to connect the ends. She unearths fossilized words and lives, buried under the sand, consumed by darkness, almost forgotten. 

אנה וילד - רוי סיגל 2.jpeg
אנה וילד - רוי סיגל.jpeg
עולמות - אנה ווילד - צילום_ דוד חברוני ע
A Canaan-Futuristic Song Cycle 
Ana Wild 

Tuesday  |  19.11  |  22:00 - 23:00 

Music Room, Main Hall

A science-fiction concert, a performance of images and thoughts, looking anew at the past and reimagining a future: a Levantine, Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, sweaty, radical, feminist, transgressive, poetic, refusing closure, non-Western, not-Jewish-only, non-holy, fresh, history-understanding, archeology-observing, technology-engaged, fragmented, embodied, hopeful, angry, sci-fi, punk, pop, Israeli future[s]. 
Created and performed by Ana Wild
Musical creation: Yael Lavie
Created in
dialoguewith: Talia de Vries
Space: Tal
Costumes: Mai Aylon
Outside eye: Marius Schaffter 

Piece Of
sadnaot logo.jpg

20.11  |  20:00 - 21:00,  22:00 - 23:00
מופע משך 

Music Room, Main Hall

In Pieces of, Savyon cuts time, space, the body, and Sayon herself and pastes them to the audience. An original live video looper, Polaroid photographs, and physical presence comprise an ongoing performance-installation, aiming at extending and expanding the limits of physics to ultimately extend and expand the Self, its different layers, the virtual and the real. Concept and technology development: Dr. Eyal Gruss and Savyon; Artistic production: Hamutal Atar; Original score: Yuval Shenhar.   The work was created with the support of Akademie Schloss Solitude (Germany), Stage-Center residency (Tel-Aviv) and was first performed at the Netanya Museum, curated by Adiya Porat.

Maya Sharabani 

Wednesday |  20.11  |  20:00 - 20:30,
21:30 - 22:00, 22:30 - 23:00 

Computer class,
Max Machines and Crafts

Sharabani, a compulsive collector of esoteric internet materials, provides a first glimpse at the findings from her research at the Ctrl+Alt+Del lab, an art & technology research lab, and from collaborations with other lab members. The talk is a rare opportunity to witness a new and mind-altering technology as well as information that hides in the dark corners of the internet. The presentation consists of print-screen visuals and crazy anecdotes from the research and development stages. A must-see presentation for anyone with a Wi-Fi connection! *The presentation is in English   

Lior Ben-Gai and Maayan Tsadka in collaboration with ensemble Musica Nova 

21.11  |  19:30 - 20:15, 20:45 - 21:30
מופע משך

Computer class,
Max Machines and Crafts

Echosystem is a real-time audio-visual exploration of lost landscapes. The work includes custom experimental software, combining live sampling from a microscope with image and sound processing. The musical notation generated by the software is performed live and, in turn, affects the software. This forms a feedback loop between the performers and the software, allowing an aesthetic exploration of a novel and unpredictable sonic-visual environment.  

Come over and listen to some records ​
Ilan Volkov, Alex Drool

21.11  | 22:00 - Into the night
מופע משך

Join musicians Alex Drool and Ilan Volkov for an all-night guided listening tour in their record collections. Volkov and Drool will transfer their record library into the festival’s music room, for nightly sessions of rare and unique tracks that they will play back-to-back, while musing about the invisible world of audio and sound.

Music room, Main building

Aharon Manor, Chihiro Tazuro 


20.11  |  19:30 - 21:30,  22:00 - 23:30
מופע משך 

In front of the radio, Main Building

Gameboy + ney flute + vocals + computer The Nintendo Gameboy console has four monophonic sound channels, and with an LSDJ cartridge and an old keyboard, it becomes a contemporary electronic instrument. Playing alongside the Gameboy is a Persian Ney flute, a well known and established instrument in the classic Eastern orchestra. This ensemble is topped with Chihiro and Aharon’s vocals. Through improvisation and delicate listening the duo will wander into musical spaces where electronics and acoustics expand into long, unknown, textures. 

Release from Digital Junk workshop  ​
Daphna Talmon

Tuesday |  19.11  |  22:00 - 23:00
Thursday  |  21.11  |  21:30 - 22:30

Computer class,
Max Machines and Crafts

After freeing herself from the material junk in her life, and helping others join the process, the multidisciplinary artist Daphna Talmon moves on to release herself from the invisible force that actually controls us all - digital junk. We’re aware of the need to erase emails, clear hard disks, sort friends, sort through pictures, and rearrange desktops. However, since digital order - or lack thereof - is effectively invisible, we find ourselves perpetually postponing these actions. Talmon offers visitors a true release, in a single radical act, once and for all! A participatory act in the computer lab. Make sure you have access to your email password (for your own private use). 

Copy of IMG_4842.jpg
FOMO #3:
type n tention internet café:
Jason Danino Holt and Omer Sheizaf

Main building

Tuesday |  19.11  |  20:00 - 23:30  | מופע משך Wednesday  |  20.11  |   20:00 - 23:30  | מופע משך Thursday  |  21.11  |   20:00 - 23:30  | מופע משך 

FOMO Festival explores the relationship between performative acts and live broadcast on the internet. It’s the festival’s third anniversary and the first time to be hosted by Print Screen Festival. This year, FOMO investigates the performative experience in the public sphere through three performance pieces that interact with the space of the internet café. The internet café, used by those who have no other access to the internet, attracts marginal identities, which exist separately from and in parallel to each other offline and online. Through the space of the internet café, which is disappearing from our landscape, we examine the contrary actions of entering and exiting the virtual world, alongside concepts such as refugeehood, identity, and anonymity. The Space is a diorama, a three dimensional model of a café and a radio studio that broadcasts itself and the activity on the computer screens, simultaneously. Three artists approach the space from different perspectives, they join the live feed, each with their own research question and with their own trolling inclination. All the works are durational performances and they can be watched at the internet café onsite, or live on the internet.    


אורי זמיר שני גרנות ונבו רומנו  - עומד על רוח 

עומד על רוח הינו מופע משך פרוע בסביבה דחוסה של דימויים משובשים עקב מספר רב של חיבורים חלשים. החיבור הדיגיטלי, החשמלי, הגופני, הרגשי ואולי אף האנושי יוצגו במלוא עניותם וחולשתם בגאווה. 


עומר שיזף - WORG

העבודה worg היא ניסוי ביצירת אקסטנציה בדיונית למציאות ברשת. בדומה למהלך של פייק ניוז  העבודה מטמיעה מערכת סמלים אמנותית על ידי פעולה שיטתית בת חמש שעות של שישה אנשים שהרשת החברתית היא אמנותם.  המשתתפים מייצרים חוות בוטים אנושית הפועלת בשיטה של cultural jamming ומנסה לבדוק כיצד ניתן לפרוץ ולהטריל את כלכלת הדימויים והאובייקטיביות ברשת.  


Y?Y?Y ג׳ייסון דנינו הולט 

היא סידרת אירועים שבודקת את תקשורת וקהילה דרך מתודולוגיה של שאילת שאלות והתעקשות על תשובות. במהלך המופע חמישה פרפורמרים ירכזו גוף שאלות ותשובות רחב עמוק דרך מחקר ברשת ומחקר אישי עם הנוכחים בחלל.  

 יעל מור, שחר נץ, מיכאלה אלקין, אורי עובד

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