The Consolieries Present: Journey Live Walkthrough!

As computer games evolve, they become more spectacular and more cinematic - but can they already be spectated as a movie? And what needs to be mediated for an audience that does not hold the controller? These questions will be dealt with in a guided viewing session of ThatGameCompany’s masterpiece: “Journey”.
Journey may just be the perfect game for such an experiment. In the passing year it has garnered an astonishing amount of awards, including “Game of the Year” by many well-known publications, numerous BAFTA awards, as well as nominations for Grammy and Annie. It’s length equals that of a Hollywood film. The journey itself, being both a main theme and a driving mechanic, is presented as a myth and a parable that invites interparetation even from those who are unfamiliar with videogames. Journey provides a “soft” experience for non-gamers, one that can act as a gateway to understanding adventure games and games in general.
The event will be hosted by Erez Ronen and Yotam Bernaz, AKA The Consolieries. They will be playing the game and providing commentary, and joined by Shalev Moran, curator of “Right Arrow”.

The estimated running time is 2 hours and admission is free.

Sat  20.4  16:00

In collaboration with GameIS

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