Right Arrow

The name Right Arrow, like that of the keyboard, hints to the general theme of the exhibition: side-scrolling games, in which the player guides a character on a two-dimensional plane, usually from the left to the right. In earlier periods in the history of digital games side-scrollers were one of the most popular game genres, giving birth to such iconic characters as Mario and Sonic. In recent years, this genre has been almost completely abandoned by the mainstream games industry, in favor of games that take place within three-dimensional spaces.
But while left behind the gaming industry, the genre thrives within the independent game world, which produces many new side-scrollers each year. Right Arrow presents a collection of games by independent developers from Canada, Norway, USA, Israel, among other countries, all of recent years, each proves in a different the viability of side-scrollers and the ability to explore, challenge, and reach fresh artistic achievements, in an already so-called classic genre.
Digital Games are no strangers to the art world, and has had some presence in exhibitions and art spaces many times before. Moreover, commercial game shows are the pinnacle of the global gaming industry. But the public and interactive display of games in a dedicated artistic context is a fairly new phenomenon, appearing only around the mid-2000’s. In that sense, Right Arrow is a first-of-its-kind in Israel, with hope of being merely a first step. The exhibition was inspired by- and planned in collaboration with Brooklyn’s Babycastles collective, who are among the pioneers of the New Arcade movement that strives to bring back digital games to public spaces, and Kill Screen magazine, that examines the crossroads between games and other forms of culture and media.

Shalev Moran - Curator

Shalev Moran, a writer & artist from Tel Aviv. He has worked in various forms of public art - as a street artist, as the founder of the “Shufel” center for young culture and as a founding member of the “Frontline Theatre” group.
Lectures & writes about digital games, in addition to working towards the establishment of a permanent artistic platform for games - with the defined goal of bridging the gap between their acceptance as a massive entertainment medium and their continued rejection from mainstream culture & popular art discourse.

Kristoffer Jetmundsen

Kristoffer Jetmundsen is a Norwegian game developer. Before starting his own company he worked for three years at Tumbleweed Interactive. Jetmundsen is considered a generalist and prefers doing programming, art, animation and game design by himself. A recent winner of the Norwegian game design competition called "NM i Gameplay". Now specializes in pixel-style html5 games and very influenced by the indie movement, especially Jonathan Blow, Team Meat and Derek Yu, but also game developers such as Shigeru Miyamoto. His recent game "Little Big Mansion" will be displayed at the Right Arrow exhibition in Print Screen.

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